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Festivalbanner2Eines der traditionsreichsten Tangoevents in Europa feiert seinen 17. Geburtstag. Das Libertangosommerferienfestival ist ein ungewöhnliches Festival, weil es mehrere Events miteinander verbindet. Neben dem typischen Salonabend gibt es natürlich den klassischen Tangoball mit Livemusik und Show.

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Welcome to this extraordinary event at the Istrian Riviera!
Rovinj is located on the West Coast of Istria, which stretches from Trieste down to Pula featuring plenty of coves and small dreamy coastal towns.
With its large pine forests and islands just off the coast Istria ranks among the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in Southern Europe.
The town of Rovinj is a seaport extending into the Adriatic Sea. In Rovinj you will find a lot of romantic alleys and historic architecture. They bear witness to the diverse European cultural influences and migrations, which are still visible today…


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